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My dear brothers and sisters,


On behalf of our fraternity, let me take the liberty to announce the presence of our association and its activities in the World Wide Web, under the domain christened as  alapattfams.org”.  It was the gathering of our family heads held on 4th December 2005, at Mr. Tony John Alapatt’s residence that mooted the idea of hosting a web site, preferably not later than the annual gathering of our fraternity, scheduled to be held on 26th Jan. 2006.


Registering a suitable domain name and hosting its pages in one of the web servers is not a big thing, but maintaining it up to the great expectations is really a difficult task. Success and quality of a web site is, no doubt dependent on its contents, viz., the information available, and how far it is reliable. I hope with your wholehearted blessings, valuable suggestions and feedback, alapattfams.org (organisation of alapatt families), will transform to an up to date and one stop information centre for the members. So, start hitting at alapattfams.org and send your comments by email to mail@alapattfams.org


I also want to handover the “ftp” username and password to a group of youngsters, who will be collectively responsible for the website maintenance. Therefore, those who are interested in web page designing and ready to raise their helping hand may please contact me.


Let us start dreaming of setting up a visitor’s counter to our web site, introducing an exclusive page for the community living out side our home land,  and so on…, but on your behalf let me stop dreaming  for the time being.


Yours Sincerely,


Santhosh F Alapatt.